Welcome To #PhotoFeed

Premier Professional Photography On the Steem Blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #photofeed?

#PhotoFeed is a project spear-headed by @jrue, @aweber, @yumyumseth and @cryptoctopus that aims to improve the experience of those who want to see beautiful professional photography on steemit.com.

Who made photofeed.club?

The website https://photofeed.club was created by and is maintained by @sambillingham. The site is unoffical and has not been endorsed by the @photofeed project admins.

Although I'd like it to be ;)

How do I get involved?

Photofeed is a project on the Steem blockchain, with the primay intefaces being Steemit.com and Busy.org. You can sign up here. Anyone can post to the #photofeed hastag as long as you are the origonal photogaher and have the rights to publish the photo.

Friendly reminded that #photofeed is inteded to showcase high quality photographs. Please consider if your image is relevant before post.

What are the rewards?

The @photofeed account admins choose five photos each day to be featured. Featured photos receive a resteem and 30% upvote from @cryptoctopus along with an equal share of the daily roundup post rewards one week later.

Are you still working on Potofeed.club?

Yes. The website is under active development, if there are suggestions or ideas please contanct @sambillingham

What is the difference between trending & featured?

Trending uses Steemits calculation for trending posts, a combination of recency and payout value. Featured shows the daily chosen photos by the @photofeed admins.